Founder & CEO

Bedelia Du Maurier

The Company

Here at Bedelia Du Maurier’s office, we deliver legal services to practitioners and the public. We use satellite offices where our clients and partners can meet with us. We are headquartered in Nevada. We are able to conduct factual research using electronically stored information, prepare legal documentation, work with clients and manage cases.

Here at Bedelia Du Maurier’s office, we can help play a key role in the efficiency of a law firm. We can free up your time, allowing you the opportunity to increase your caseload while permitting associates and partners to focus on complex legal work and client interaction. Family law is not all we do. We provide information and support from our perspective. Here are Bedelia Du Maurier’s office, We hope you will consider us when seeking a legal solution.

We combine expertise with exceptional care and empathy, delivered locally to you. Family law is not all we do, so whatever your situation, it will be familiar to us. With a genuine focus on client care.

Our partnership with provides a targeted experience for consumers urgently needing a qualified and interested lawyer. With 10+ years of matching experience and technology development. Visitors can find the help they require by calling our referral experts, submitting a referral form, or searching our comprehensive directory of 2M+ lawyers.

We understand how difficult any problem arising within a family can be, especially when they take on a legal dimension. We know this, we understand.



Degrees & Training Updates 

Associate’s in Applied Sciences Concentration Legal Assistant Studies (Paralegal Studies) / BA Mass Communication



Professional Skills

Web Designer & Web Development

Real Estate

Market Research


Medical Billing | Nursing


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